Posted on 08/12/2020 8:43 am

Despite all the Covid Karens, former Congressman Ron Paul, a medical doctor, points out some unsettling truths.

“Across the United States authoritarians are clamoring for a return to lockdown over what they claim is a resurgence of coronavirus infections,” writes Paul in a Parler post on Wednesday.

“Despite the data not supporting that conclusion, they want to shut the economy down and further destroy life in the US. They point to Europe’s success with lockdowns - even as there appears to be a resurgence of cases in Europe.”

“What is most shocking and striking is that no one in authority in the US is calling for us to emulate the one country that appears to have beat the virus thus far: Sweden. Why can’t they even utter the word ‘Sweden’?”

Watch the full interview:

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billy bob
billy bob
4 days ago

All it takes without a vaccine is 2.5 to 3 million dead.

4 days ago

With all it’s illegal aliens Sweden has become a s _ _ _ hole of a country.
They are destroying that poor country.