Posted on 08/30/2020 8:51 am

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Fred Stevens
Fred Stevens
1 month ago

That’s 1,500 deaths each month we have been (illegally) locked up by Governor Newsom.

1,500 deaths in the entire country.

Who needs to get locked up now, Governor? Step down, Mr. Newsom.

1 month ago

Gee, that’s quite a difference, isn’t it, from the 150K who reportedly died from COVID? Under 10K? Why the heck are we strapped down in our houses, then? Not going back to work? Not pursuing happiness? Not going to school? Muzzled up with masks everywhere we go, including walking around, outside, alone? Sure hope this CDC “adjustment” gets the attention it deserves. It SHOULD change all that we are enduring now, including in the maniac-led blue states. Oh wait, I forgot, they count “cases,” a.k.a. “positive tests,” and don’t even go near the true standard of low and falling death… Read more »

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