Posted on 10/21/2020 5:27 am

RUDY: Borat’s honeypot tape pales compared to CCP’s of Hunter

Just kidding. But that’s essentially what this all Borat business boils down to, who’s honeypot tape is worse and why?

One is of a guy tucking in his shirt. He’s a retired U.S. citizen. Sleazy but meh.

The other involves heinous rape and torture of a young Chinese girl or girls, by a drug addict and deviant, set up by the CCP for the purpose of compromising the White House and America.

The Biden allies has misfired. This Borat clip will only lead the curious and undecided to ask, where’s the other honeypot tape?

There will be no comparison. Hopefully, that horror will be noted and adjudicated, but not go mainstream. We’re still dealing with a generation of kids that had to learn about Bill’s cigar.

But we digress. Here’s the story we meant to post….

Rudy Giuliani says alleged ‘Borat’ sting is ‘complete fabrication’

If Rudy were smart, he’d say, this honeypot is a farce. The other is a felony and tantamount to treason in terms of the implications of how it could relate to Joe Biden’s behavior in the White House, and monstrous in terms of how Los Angeles’ newest celebrated artist, Hunter Biden, thinks women and children should be treated.

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John Steele
John Steele
9 days ago

Areed.. Stupid move by Rudy.. But the selling OUT of America y the demonRats to china is the real story. Nt a salious gotta story.