Posted on 10/22/2020 9:58 am

If you’re following the Hunter hard drive saga, likely you’ve followed Steve Bannon and friends on his YouTube channel, where each day he broadcasts the latest bombshells on the corruption and depravity of Biden Inc.

Perhaps you’ve wondered why YouTube hadn’t censored them. As of today, they have. The videos from the last week, all dealing with the damning data, have been hidden from Bannon’s YouTube channel home tab and video tab. If you try to see them on the video tab, for example, you most recent video is from two weeks ago.

Fortunately, while buried, the newer videos are still up. The Oct. 22 episode is here:

For the remainder, best to access them directly from Bannon’s War Room Pandemic site here.

UPDATE: There are at least two War Room YouTube channels, the second has all the videos up, including the most recent ones. Here it is:


War Room Video Episodes


There is another channel here.




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m. fuah
m. fuah
9 days ago

***-tube covering something up, like a cat using a cat-box?

jason stewart
jason stewart
9 days ago

They’ve taken down all of his latest videos… If nobody hears about it, did Biden take a bribe?