Maher rips Big Tech for censoring Trump’s CBP chief

Posted on 11/07/2020 8:40 am

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Risky Bill
Risky Bill
10 days ago

Someone is going to “rip” Maher a new one much wose than they did Andy Dick.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4
Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4
11 days ago

Maher is a lucky man. An arrogant jew who insulted Trumps’ mother, and thereby his whole family. Wish he would have insulted Barbara Bush like that. A divisive POS.

Stroke of Luck
Stroke of Luck
12 days ago

Maher better pray Tump doesn’t pull out the offical victory after everyone knows he won. He has gotten rid of the swampies and idiot Maher insulted his mom,…..bigly. What happened to Andy Dick for being an ass to Ivanka? Look into it. Suckerpunched. It’s on video. Maher may be of Jareds’ tribe but I have a feeling if Trump gets the “legit” win, he may end up losing another show from a pissed POTUS.