Harris (and Padilla) worked with Soros front so Californians could ‘vote safe’

Posted on November 22, 2020 8:07 am

Two prominent California Democrats have troubling ties with a George Soros funded election ‘integrity’ organization.

Sen. Kamala Harris is one, laying the groundwork to giving the organization a toe hold in the state.

Another is Sec. of State Alex Padilla, who is in charge of California elections.

It seems the Soros group will have a hand in any audits of votes in battleground states, as well as California.

Press California readers may recall we busted Padilla for bringing aboard a ‘non-partisan’ group with lots of funny Dem money to help with the elections.

Adding more intrigue, Soros and Harris have even deeper ties.

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4 months ago

[…] PressCalifornia.com, by Staff Original Article […]

4 months ago

Yes, PressCalifornia DID bust the odious Secty of State Alex Padilla this past summer. It was great work and it was BIG. Good thing, because Alex Padilla is a crook and doesn’t get enough publicity for being one because he hides. Kamala Harris, as every sensible person knows, is also up to no good. Obviously we don’t want such people hiding behind Soros-backed “election integrity” outfits that would “audit” all that is very wrong with elections in California and elsewhere. Is the answer to this that Sidney Powell’s own anticipated bust — which she has called “Biblical” — will be… Read more »