CLAIM: Stanford AI researcher linked to coder who designed Joe’s Big Steal

Posted on 11/23/2020 4:16 am

A Twitter rabbit hole. Not sure where it leads but intriguing.

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Michael Dougherty
23 days ago

This why you do a physical ballot hand count and compare it to the computer. So far there do not appear to be any major, significant discrepancies. The 1,200 votes in Georgia were do to a thumb drive not being accounted for. The good news is that the reason for the discrepancy was found.

NWO Objectives
NWO Objectives
23 days ago

Electricity should not be relied upon for voting and vehicles and expecially money. An EMP, a grid shot down and boom! No communications. No where to charge your car. No ATMs or crpto currency. Possibly lost crypto currency. This is why people buried gold and and stuffed their mattresees. Not because of modern-tech, but govt over-reach making it legal to take your gold. Yes, the govt ruled to take your gold in America once. If we all go crypto they will do it again or simply de-value it. The goal is to get you totally dependant on their electricity run… Read more »

Adam Cassidy
24 days ago

It’s all true - I grew up listening to their agenda, but refused to be part of it when I was 12, and ultimately had to run away to avoid the forced psychiatric destruction they descended upon my brother and I with - they got him and committed him for LIFE age 15 - this is a global Satanic cult, they operate without a name or charter or meetings - they just all worship the same ‘God’ of the ‘All-Seeing Eye’, which is the spiritual state of a person (preferably a small child, just old enough to understand) looking at… Read more »