Press California’s Top 50 Clicked Stories in 2020

Posted on 01/01/2021 9:23 am

Using our 2020 hindsight vision, Press California looks back on the the most read items from the prior 365 days. Among the highlights: brutal fires, Hunter’s laptop, Kamala’s face, election hijinks, Portland chaos, nutty Newson and Covid craziness.

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  1. FIREAGEDDON: 600 Fires. 1.4M Acres Burned. 14K Fighting Fires. 2K Evacuees. 7 Dead
  2. SoCal fires rage out of control
  3. Court orders changes to ‘false and misleading’ Prop 15 voter guide
  4. Feinstein and Pelosi tied to faulty ballot counting company
  5. TRUMP: Dominion stole 2.7M votes
  6. RUMOR: Taylor Swift is scared Ghislaine Maxwell will talk
  7. Antifants Learn Not To Block A Truck With A Motorcycle
  8. Kamala Harris debuts bizarre plastic surgery
  9. Gov. Newsom gifted house as part of a shady $3M deal
  10. HORROR: We can’t repeat this headline about Hunter and victim on tape
  11. Rioters blow open police station with explosives. Seattle mayor blames Trump
  12. Newsom always knew lockdowns would last more than three weeks
  13. ‘Terrified’ Tom Steyer unloading his $11M San Francisco home
  14. Ten dead in fire near Paradise
  15. Governor shutters 70 percent of state
  16. Hunter Biden forgot his laptop. There are pics … and emails
  17. Swalwell’s CCP spy girl was on Democratic payroll
  18. Sheriff delivers mother of all push backs to Gavin’s lockdown lunacy
  19. HANSON: The coronavirus skeptics in California may be right
  20. Meet the muscle mom who’s turned Beverly Hills into a MAGA mecca
  21. REPORTER: Hunter’s hard drive has ‘underage obsessions’
  22. She Noticed $200M Missing, Then She Was Fired
  23. VIDEO: Oregon Woman Pulls Gun, Stops Antifa Arsonist With Matches In His Hand
  24. John and Ken’s Excellent Voter Guide Adventure
  25. Poof! The Portland Riots Just Stopped. Why?
  26. SLO protesters smash windshield on 4-year-old boy
  27. Recall Campaign Gets Powerful New Ally
  28. California and its cities lose big in lockdown money deal
  29. New California laws going into effect in 2021
  30. SLO protesters demand money from boarded up businesses
  31. NEW RULE: Counties must follow racial equity road map to open
  32. Newsom Declares Statewide Emergency, Mobilizes National Guard
  33. Biden and wife colluded to suppress Hunter’s actions with minor
  34. Pelosi Goes Coup Coup. Trump Reply Is Genius
  35. Newsom Nixes Christmas, Extends Lockdown Two Months
  36. Pelosi calls hair job a ‘set up’ and demands apology
  38. Sacramento seems determined to become a no-go zone
  39. Proud Boys Make Portland Stand
  40. Governor signs law that ‘normalizes pedophilia’
  41. Governor’s ex goes for California blood
  42. Businesses to Newsom: Your New Rules Will Kill Us
  43. VIDEO: Antifans head into Seattle suburbs, armed residents send them packing
  44. Jerry’s pro-Trump neighbors are driving him doggone crazy
  45. A California Plan to Chase Away the Rich, Then Keep Stalking Them
  46. Portland suspect is Antifa security
  47. Hundreds rescued by air from Sierras fire, many in critical condition
  48. Newsom to seize hotels to house infected
  49. Media portrays Portland shooter as righteous martyr
  50. ‘Hard to believe’ Garcetti’s Tweet is real
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