Facebook hides snoozy pic of Nancy and Kamala during Sleepy Joe’s borefest

Posted on April 30, 2021 6:03 am

No. It’s not doctored. It’s Kamala and Nancy getting a little shut eye during Sleepy Joe’s speech in Congress. Were they sleeping?

Prolly not. The official line is they were both blinking at the same time, like synchronized swimmers perhaps. All part of the show.

Still, those who tried to have a little fun sharing the television screen shot were repelled by the mockingbird media and Zuckerberg’s universe.

USA Today, which fell all over itself to PROVE the California girls weren’t napping on the clock, shared a few of the horrific Facebook posts.

Try the links to the anti-social media platform, however, and one finds the Zuck minions have disappeared (Sorry, this content isn’t available right now) or nasty flagged (False Information: Checked by independent fact-checkers) the posts.

Ryan Fournier, Founder of Students for Trump, who posted the latter, hoped everyone would lighten up. “For for the fact checkers, this is a meme,” he quipped, along with a row of laughing emojis.

Note: Humor and irony are capital offences on social media.

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Mad Celt
Mad Celt
3 hours ago

Can they slip into a coma? That may be a disaster for the governments operation but the country would be relieved.

Enrico Falcone
5 hours ago

Democrats are at their best when fast asleep
When this crow and vulture don’t give a peep

When they are woke - all they do is sit
And keep regurgitating the same old manure

6 hours ago

no wonder dems can’t get anything done - they siesta all the time for serio

1 day ago

The photo is hilarious, as is P.C.’s headline. Ha ha!
Guess I’d better send myself to the electric chair for laughing now.