STUDY: ‘There is no benefit to vaccinating patients who’ve had Covid’

Posted on June 10, 2021 3:03 pm

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Mr Natural
Mr Natural
1 day ago

The benefit goes exclusively to woke agencies who are measuring the value of their organizations by the percentage of population being vaccinated. The benefit is not for citizen’s health as evidenced by the gov continuing to lower the age for approved vaccinations. The overwhelming percentage of the population, especially children, have seen and actual mortality rate of less than 1%. But as part of the panic plan, COVID infection rates have been constantly presented as mortality rates. Spending some time on the CDC webpage examining the actual, un-spun, data is very revealing.

Mrs. Pierre Delecto
Mrs. Pierre Delecto
1 day ago
Reply to  Mr Natural

Kids have a much greater chance of having a negative reaction to the vaccine than to the disease itself. If I’m a mom I’m saying that’s a hard no as to whether my kids get the jab.