Besides helping his mom’s suicide, Gov. Newsom has other women issues

Posted on September 7, 2021 7:30 am

Nine Notable Ladies in the Life of Gavin 

By Ted Martin
Special to Press California

“Women are smarter in politics, smarter in civics, they’re smarter in economics. Women rule,” California Gov. Gavin Newsom thundered in a recent stump speech to stave off a statewide recall that could oust him from office on September 14.

Given his blanket gender statement, it might be prudent for voters to review his relationships with the opposite sex over the years to understand his thinking. As it turns out, based his conduct as it relates to moral and legal norms, it would seem little thinking has been involved.

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Without further ado, here’s a refresher on nine significant women in Newsom’s life.

1. Jennifer Siebel Newsom
The First Partner pays lip service to woke feminism and makes films about the oppressed wealthy lady class to which she belongs. But Siebel was in the downright Neanderthal Mad Men series. According to Rose McGowan, she was way too tight with Harvey Weinstein. And she could be a closet traditionalist, based on her kid count and focus on the home. It helps that her day job requires little sweat — taking cash from Newsom’s cronies under the guise of a separate business, kind of like a Hunter Biden bag woman, but without the crack pipes and Chyna intrigue.

When they got hitched in 2008, she choreographed a decidedly un-PC affair, with an Out of Africa theme on a Montana ranch. “Am I African enough?” mused guest Willie Brown. Curiously, the newlyweds danced to “Fallen,” a song from the “Pretty Woman” scene of Richard Gere escorting Julia Roberts to the San Francisco Opera. In general, she seems to have tamed the male shrew rather deftly, which is good. But a bit more on that later.

2. Kelley Phleger
How life might have been different had Newsom married his first fiancée, Kelley Phleger, a San Francisco socialite, childhood chum of the Gettys, and daughter of the impressively named Atherton Macondray Phleger with an impressively pedigreed resume (Stanford law, Wells Fargo board, Pacific-Union Club, Bohemian Grove). Kelley and Gavin had even picked out a house, but fate intervened. In 1996, she went to a birthday party for Willie Brown where “Beach Blanket Babylon” producer Jo Schuman Silver introduced her to Don Johnson. Phleger fired Newsom and married the Miami Vice actor (that’s him in the glasses), for whom the fifth time, despite a 20-year age gap, proved the charm.

3. Kimberly Guilfoyle
Newsom did get married in 2001 to Kimberly Guilfoyle, a San Francisco native with an Irish father and Puerto Rican mother from the Mission District. That she is now a loud conservative TV personality dating Don Trump Jr. while her ex is an extreme political leftist is not as bizarre as one might imagine. Newsom began his political career, funded by the Gettys, as somewhat of a moderate.

Rather than their current political divide, let’s remember an all too San Francisco anecdote from their past. It started when Guilfoyle, the mayoral first lady, stood in for her husband at a gay awards dinner.

To dismiss rumors that her “straight white male” man was only two out of three of those descriptors, she joked about his looks and endowment as well her performance. Whether she used a banana to illustrate the last item remains unresolved.
To this day she insists didn’t try to simulate any form of oral sex. Curiously, Gavin’s staff had to make the same defense about his bizarre face dance with a reporter’s microphone.

4. Angelina Jolie
One Hollywood hottie was not impressed by Newsom’s romantic gestures. As the story goes, which Billie Bob Thornton comically tells to dinner party guests, his ex-wife Angelina Jolie once hooked up with Newsom, who was “awful in bed” and after the 20 minute interlude “called or texted [her] every day for six months” to hook up again.

He only gave up after Jolie changed her phone number, reported Crazy Days and Nights, the most authoritative Los Angeles entertainment blog. Its readers promise it never misses.

5. Sofia Milos
As Marriage 1.0 disintegrated, Newsom took solace in the company of Sofia Milos, a bright and attractive Greek-Swiss-Italian actress who, for better or worse, starred in the San Francisco dive bar photo featuring Gavin Newsom, drunkenly ogling her body of work.

The CSI: Miami alum has made good in Hollywood, but her man choice remains problematic. Months ago, the Scientologist practitioner danced on Twitter with a sweaty obese Captain America in blue skivvies to celebrate taking the Covid genetic medication shots. While bizarre, one admires her lighthearted bravado and peak physical conditioning.

6. Brittanie Mountz
As observed, one night after cozying up to Milos in a North Beach dive, Newsom motored to Napa for an afternoon of canoodling with a “cute young blond.” Perhaps it was the Sonoma State coed and leggy café hostess half his age, Brittanie Mountz, whom he soon started dating. Tongues hardly wagged until the pair did a boozy night on the town and folks started doing the math. At the time, Mountz had a MySpace page that said she was 19.

After a photo surfaced, Mountz holding a wine glass at a social with Newson, it magically changed to 26. In real life, however, she had just turned 20. Rather than fess up to assisting a minor drink alcohol, the incensed mayor refused to discuss it and, within days, the photo disappeared entirely from the Internet, almost. “If she was drinking, the mayor didn’t notice,” a mayor staffer said. Judge for yourself.

7. Ruby Rippey
The next year marked a low point for the leftist Lothario, a quasi-single man who had an affair with his appointments secretary, Ruby Rippey, the wife of his campaign manager, Alex Tourk, a close personal friend. As later gubernatorial rival Travis Allen put it, “If you can’t trust Gavin Newsom with his best friend’s wife, how can you trust him with your state?”

Rippey, as many of the gals of Gavin, remained loyal to Newsom. In 2018, defending him as he ran for governor, she conceded the tryst destroyed her marriage, but maintained it wasn’t a #MeToo thing.

“Yes, I was a subordinate, but I was also a free-thinking, 33-yr old adult married woman and mother,” she wrote on Facebook, blaming herself and not him. “I also happened to have an unfortunate inclination towards drinking-to-excess and self-destruction.”

8. Lockdown Ladies
The married governor has kept quiet on the extracurricular front in recent years, but that hasn’t stopped the whispers. Earlier this year, for example, the Sacramento political press was abuzz that the “big story” was about to break regarding Newsom having multiple affairs with staff or lobbyists while the state was under lockdown. One such dalliance, a K Street source said, took place with a high-ranking lobbyist within his firm.

“This is spiraling into the worst-kept secret in town,” he told the San Joaquin Valley Sun. Another involved a member of his personal staff, which, it should be noted, is filled with a bevy of beautiful young women who enthusiastically cater to his needs.

Curiously, as reports that the Los Angeles Times and were chasing the story, Newson shuffled his inner sanctum and expanded the role of Deputy Chief of Staff Lindsey Cobia (see photo) to “help guide communications” as Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategy, the Los Cerritos News reported.

9. Tessa Thomas Newsom
For public office holders, how they manage the intersection of personal and private lives matters. In 2002, then San Francisco County Supervisor Newsom, by his own admission, participated in an assisted suicide, which violated state and federal laws. It was his mother, Tessa Thomas Newsom, 55, who suffered from advanced breast cancer:

“She left me a message, because I was too busy: ‘Hope you’re well. Next Wednesday will be the last day for me. Hope you can make it,’” he told The New Yorker.

“I saved the cassette with the message on it, that’s how sick I am.’ He crossed his arms and jammed his hands into his armpits. ‘I have P.T.S.D., and this is bringing it all back,’ he said. ‘The night before we gave her the drugs, I cooked her dinner, hard-boiled eggs, and she told me, ‘Get out of politics.’ She was worried about the stress on me.’”

Note that his cancer-stricken mother had to leave a message that she was going to commit suicide because he wasn’t keeping in touch, that he made the story all about himself, and that he ignored her dying wish. Tragic.

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2 months ago

Reading this article I had the word, Self Serving stand out. That isn’t a servant to the people. His mother was right, he should have left politics.