KITTY: Voting machine flaws clear to all but Rep. Lofgren

Posted on October 4, 2021 2:30 pm

KITTY: Voting machine flaws clear to all but Rep. Lofgren

Well duh, said Zoe, can you ‘splain that to me again? With pictures?

© by Choupette Bateaumouchoir

How do you get rid of a problem? Here’s an example, rather raw, so skip it if you have tender sensibilities. When I was in college, I was told this story by a young man who was a Philadelphia Main Liner. For those who don’t know, the Main Line towns in Philly were premier homes of aristocratic U.S. bluebloods, bastions of old money, or as old as it is in the United States.

This young man was so aristocratic that he actually had three last names, so family proud were his kin. He told me that once, another young man of the clan had impregnated a young woman who was déclassé, that is, not marriage material. So, she was invited to a clan picnic and the various family members tossed her around on their shoulders until she “spontaneously” aborted. Talk about rugby matches.

Another “family” is the U.S. Congress and by extension the federal government. When there is a “hot potato” issue that affects everyone, Democrat or Republican, in some cases there seems to be a concerted effort to toss it around until it goes away by itself.

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The voting machine problem has been around since the 1970s at least but definitely clearly and with national implications since the 2000 election.

The specific iteration referring to the 2000 election was presented to a Congressional committee by a former software programmer, Clint Curtis, who testified that he was asked by the then Florida Speaker of the House, Tom Feeney, to devise a program that could change votes. Curtis developed a prototype just before the 2000 election.

Feeney had connections with the Bush family. Feeney went on to become a federal congressman and was named as one of the most corrupt by a watchdog organization. This organization in its corruption review did not even touch on the software issue.

The group of congressional members, cabinet representatives and federal officials who were and are aware of voting machine issues reads like a government website roster:

Senators Ron Wyden, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, members of the House Judiciary Committee in 2006 including Jerry Nadler and Maxine Waters; Congressmen Mark Pocan and Tom Feeney, Senators Mark Warner, Jack Reed, and Gary Peters. Rep Carolyn Maloney, in 2007 the chair of CFIUS which oversees corporate transactions regarding foreign entities and had oversight on a voting machine issue regarding Smartmatic.

CFIUS includes the entire Cabinet: including the Secretaries of State, the Treasury, Defense, Homeland Security, Commerce, and Energy; the Attorney General; the United States Trade Representative; and the Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy. The  Secretary of Labor and the Director of National Intelligence serve as ex officio members of the Committee.

To which were later added five executive office members in order to “observe and, as appropriate, participate in and report to the President:” the Director of the Office of Management and Budget; the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors; the Assistant to the
President for National Security Affairs; the Assistant to the President for Economic Policy; and the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism. The President can also appoint members on a temporary basis to the Committee as he determines.

Zoe Lofgren on Capitol Hill in 1974 (top) and in San Francisco in 2019 (bottom).

Later two new positions within the Treasury Department were added at the level of Assistant Secretary. Letters were written. Reports were made, including one authored by former President Jimmy Carter. Meetings were held. Deals were devised. Federal officials did everything except bounce this issue around on their shoulders.

And yet, and yet…in January 2020, twenty years after this issue surfaced in Congress, NBC reported that Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., chair of the congressional subcommittee that oversees federal elections, said in her opening remarks that they need more information from the  companies.

Election Systems & Software, LLC; Dominion Voting Systems, Inc.; and Hart InterCivic, Inc.—provide the voting machines and software used by ninety-two percent of the eligible voting population. Smartmatic software had been purchased by Dominion.

“Despite their outsized role in the mechanics of our democracy, some have accused these companies with obfuscating, and in some cases misleading election administrators and the American public,” [she]said. “There is much work to do, and much for Congress to learn about this industry.”

Obfuscating? Misleading? How much more information did Zoe need? It was already known in 2006 and likely before that that these machines could be easily programmed to change or flip votes. Several generations of hackers at Defcon conferences had given displays which were circulated via YouTube. Someone at MIT did a video.

A joint report from the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine in 2017 laid out the consensus opinion of dozens of leading experts. Other experts testified. Did Zoe not get the memo? After all, she had been in Congress since 1995 and working the halls of Congress for eight years prior as staffer to Representative Don Edwards.

Thirty-four years doing this and she still needs more information? The lady is a veritable sponge. Well, we can all see where that went in November 2020. And by the next January, 2021, Lofgren was busy compiling a 2000-page dossier of tweets by Republican foes.

As if this were not enough in the game of pass the hot potato, Sidney Powell recently discovered that the Department of Defense had an interest, likely since the early 2000s, in patented software that could a) audit elections and b) change the results of elections and inject false information.

The DoD? What does the DoD have to do with elections? See and the Stew Peters show. At this point we are faced with the question: who in the federal government did not know about or have a hand in monkeying with voting machines?

From this and other evidence, Powell draws the conclusion that because this voting machine issue has been so widely known and not acted upon, that corrupt politicians, businesspeople, and others have profited from these software deficiencies to throw elections for both parties for over 20 years.

This baby is not going away. It is so massive and so disillusioning that it passes the point for most people of doing anything, such as watching a movie or playing with the kids, to ignore the overwhelming implications and goes into the territory of the headache that one must get through, unpleasant though it may be, to restore and preserve the integrity of this country.

As described on the defending the republic site, the IRS has far more stringent levels of control over tax returns than any state has over ballots. And yet ballots are arguably far more important than monetary reporting. The vote is fundamental and we cannot have it stolen out from under us. The chances are that it has already been stolen in many places and we have to get it back.

This writer suggests that for California, due to the entrenched political and bureaucratic entities, a requirement for sample voter forensic audits is needed. Beyond that, a return to paper ballots with a monitored chain of command is required. Reversal of the universal mail-in ballot act would also be an aim.

One assumes that certain politicians like Zoe Lofgren are virtually untouchable because of their ensconcement in entrenched partisan strongholds. So, the changes will have to come about around them and past them. We can no longer afford to have preoccupied politicians tapping their cheeks with their pens and asking for more information as the screaming victim is tossed about in front of them. That victim has to be pulled away from the scrimmage of the federal family, and the state family. And given an independent life of integrity.

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1 month ago

The ONLY reason that senile, little girl fondling, incompetent Joe Biden and the ho Commie-la Harris are in power is because of massive voter fraud. Nasty Pelosi KNOWS that the election was rigged Chuck U. Schumer KNOWS that the election was rigged Sh..head Schiff Knows that the election was rigged The entire DemocRAT party KNOWS that the election was rigged The entire GOP KNOWS that the election was rigged The lying morons in the fake news left-wing media KNOW that the election was rigged The conservative media KNOWS that the election was rigged Anyone with half a brain KNOWS that… Read more »

1 month ago

Don’t forget the 1960 election, when Sam Giancana and Richard Daley carried Cook County (and thus IL) for JFK, and LBJ’s corruption machine ensured that Texas would go D.
Richard Nixon was advised to demand a recount to expose the fraud, but he refused, on the grounds that it would tear the country apart. In retrospect…

1 month ago

Thank God Sidney Powell is still on the trail. I and others have placed her name in the book for prays at our church. She is one of the few that I donated to, and well worth it!