Californians Invited To Join Nationwide #AxeTheVax Strike

Posted on November 7, 2021 6:31 pm

From California attorney Leigh Dundas

This is a 4-day, NATIONWIDE WALK OUT by employees – AGAINST employers mandating the vax.

Hardworking Americans in MAJOR companies and industries are being unlawfully discriminated against:  forced to either take an experimental protocol that has killed thousands, or lose their careers and pensions.  Hear me loud and hear me well: these employees are NOT alone — many of the MAJOR companies are 30-75% NOT vaccinated.  And to a man, and woman, these workers are rightfully upset at this unconstitutional mandate, and ready to make their voices heard. Especially now that a court in Texas ruled (wrongly, imho) against Southwest.

Again, it’s a Nationwide Walkout. A Four-Day NO SHOW.  Monday, November 8 through Veterans’ Day which is Thursday, November 11.  The employees were already self-organizing to do this. I’m just — along with you — acting as their voice.

This is a watershed moment in time, not just because Freedom hangs in the balance, but because ALL groups are supporting this Strike for Freedom: from Bobby Kennedy’s Children’s Health Defense to Simone Gold’s America’s Frontline Doctors, to every major lawyer and doctor and media influencer… and Pastor Dave Scarlett just told me on a live interview that General Flynn is behind us as well.

Please do your part: make this go viral.  Post this electronic flyer EVERYWHERE on social media.  Blast this flyer to all your databases and viewers and colleagues and all over social media.  I’ll be doing half-hour interviews all day, for the next week straight.  Help me get the word out:  #AxeTheVax

Rallies are also being organized in cities nationwide during the week of November 8 — I’ll forward details once I have them.

For my part, I would rather stand with the employees and watch them bankrupt their unlawfully behaving employers — and the economy — than ever see this country die.

Freedom isn’t something you buy — it’s something you earn.

Stand Up For Freedom … and I’ll be standing with you.

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John Steele
John Steele
23 days ago

Call in sick that day and get a doc;s note if necessary to protect yourself. A great idea who’s time has come.

Richard Giddens
Richard Giddens
24 days ago

Does the Make America Free Again group know about this strike? They say they are suing and getting results in court with injunctions. This national strike is highly recommended and will get the elites attention that the peasants are revolting against them and the USG / China suicide death pact!

Proudly Unaffiliated
24 days ago

Excellent! I will support this!

Proudly Unaffiliated
24 days ago

More here, great lady attorney in SoCal and interview:

m. fuah
m. fuah
27 days ago

don’t suck grobiden/vaxx d**k