NURSE: Intubation And Remdesivir Combo Is Killing Covid Patients

Posted on November 24, 2021 3:16 pm

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Paul Collins
Paul Collins
6 days ago

“But during the never-ending fascistic Covid-19 pandemic, acceptance of illogic is a mandate and even doctors are being forced to comply with the inversion of facts.” I highly encourage everyone to read this article. It takes the testimony of a ICU nurse with 25 years of experience laying out what has happened, and what is still happening in the ‘treatment’ of the China Virus. “During the first wave of Covid, doctors abruptly abandoned protocol typically administered to patients suffering from severe respiratory illness and were instructed to comply with regulations that in retrospect amount to the administration of mass murder.”… Read more »

7 days ago

Well yea but hypercapnia is a verry peaceful euphoric way to die. That really is true.