San Francisco puzzled: What shoplifting epidemic?

Posted on November 24, 2021 8:05 pm

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6 days ago

If police do not respond to shoplifting under $1000 (can’t remember the exact figure), and merchants know that, so they don’t bother to call police who won’t respond anyway (and police know that boudin won’t prosecute, so they don’t bother with arrests and paperwork), the books at the police “blotter” are naturally cooked against having realistic, actual numbers; so, easy for this dirtbag, leftist rag to exploit that, to keep dirtbag leftist politicians happy and in office.

Fred Jackson
7 days ago

HEY it IS raining and I am not pissing on your leg.

Theodore G. Bilbo
Theodore G. Bilbo
7 days ago

Try to boost the recycled goods that you can find on the tenderloin sidewalks on Ellis and Jones streets and see what happens to you. Those merchants do not have the attitude that nothing can be done about shoplifters.