State shuts daycare because 2-year-olds not masked, bans owner from industry

Posted on January 12, 2022 2:27 pm

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June Cleaver
4 months ago

I smell a huge lawsuit. I’d sue the F out of those dumbFvcks!

4 months ago

Disgusting gestapo. What an attack on liberty. This masking is ludicrous. This is why facts matter and allowing lies to build is wrong and is used as a hammer to innocents. *Masks do not scientifically work *The shot maims and kills and we have a right to say what medical serum is put inside our bodies. I can’t even believe that this is an argument and I have to defend my body and my daughter’s so we can put food on the table and she can get an education to earn a living some day. *Stop running to get a… Read more »

Paul Collins
Paul Collins
4 months ago

Abject Tyranny of the Left’s Covid Cult.

Those who Do Not Comply will be DESTROYED!

The Left doesn’t just want to Win. They want to utterly annihilate all those that oppose them.

There is a Very Important Lesson to be Learned here.

The Left cannot be reasoned with. They MUST BE FOUGHT.

The only time the Left talks of reconciliation or coalescing is when they are weak. That is the time to hit them with everything you have!