Cowboys QB commends fans who threw bottles at refs in playoff loss to 49ers

Posted on January 17, 2022 2:48 pm

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Col. Douglas Mortimer (ret)

Commends fans who threw bottles at refs. Typical thuggish NFL mentality, shift the blame. You didn’t watch the time or follow the procedure dolt. FJB

SF jeff
SF jeff
3 months ago

Strange game, first Jimmy G lost it; by not letting the lineman he moved from the left side to the right side; get set. A lineman does like to see who is trying to block. Of course Jimmy was looking at teh play clock and not the lineman. Jimmy lost the game, but the Dak P lost the game again. Running down the middle, he went so far that when the linemen, and then the referee caught up; time had run out. Two quarterbacks lost the game. Too many penalities.

Col. Douglas Mortimer (ret)
Reply to  SF jeff

There certainly were a lot of screw ups in the game but there was no guarantee that Dallas would score a touchdown. I would have bet that they would have knowing that the 9ers are one of the best teams to shoot themselves when the chips are down. But in the end Dallas lost. And it falls on the QB losing his situational awareness under pressure. It’s just entertainment, it means nothing in real life. I got a big laugh out of seeing Dallas fans praying, crying, and generally acting like their very lives were on the line. Maybe next… Read more »

3 months ago

I haven’t watched a football game from beginning to end in YEARS. But I’m really bored. So, I thought I’d take a chance and filter out all the WOKE BS along the way. The Dallas Rodeo Clowns, that is their name, right? That must be the dumbest collection of football players ever assembled! The coaches don’t commit the penalties, it’s all on the players. QB Dak, Dax, Duk…he sucked. Frisco even tried to give them the game at the end and still failed. Blaming refs for losing a game is for losers. That applies to Raider fans too. What a… Read more »