‘Hero’ shot by police after disarming gunman sues San Jose

Posted on April 9, 2022 6:41 am

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3 months ago

..i hope he wins big. SJPD is a joke, and EXTREMELY a$$-backwards..(observation/opinion based on personal experiences with them.)

Col. Douglas Mortimer (ret)

Be familiar with handguns. Knowing how they work is extremely important once it is in your hands. Once that gun was taken away the mag could have been dropped, the chambered round (if there was one) could be ejected, and the gun thrown down the street. A most unfortunate episode. Sue big time young man, you will need it. And officer, what the H kind of training did you get, and how level headed are you in a stressful situation? Apparently, not too.

m. fuah
m. fuah
3 months ago

try keeping your badge-dindu a** out of self-defense