WILLIE BROWN: Why is Newsom making nice with Trump? He’s got a good reason

Posted on April 5, 2020 4:49 am

San Francisco Chronicle

From the East Coast to California, the coronavirus crisis has put a new spotlight on America’s governors.

President Trump’s briefings are drawing lots of viewers, but so are the ones held by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has taken more than a few swipes at the president.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has also upped her wattage at Trump, in what could amount to an audition for Joe Biden as he looks for a woman to run as his vice presidential candidate.

On the other hand, Gov. Gavin Newsom has been outright effusive toward Trump and his help for California.

The other day when a reporter asked him why he appeared to be cozying up to Trump, Newsom said partisanship has no place in this crisis and that we ought to be focusing on the health and economic problems affecting just about everyone.

Newsom then spent five minutes laying out a list of all the things the feds have done for the state.

For now, federal help is paramount, so this is a smart strategy.

Those who spend time criticizing Trump are thinking about their national exposure, while Newsom is following Tip O’Neill’s adage that all politics — and in this case relief — is local.

And for Newsom, California is local.


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2 years ago

New sum has done a good job during this crisis. I still won’t vote for him.

2 years ago

Several reasons, Governor Nuisance wants more money and the federal government has that. Beyond that, in terms of effectiveness, President Trump’s policies trumps Governor Nuisance’s progressive fiats, which are nothing more then nuisance

2 years ago

Yo, Willie, take a seat: You Democrats allowed open borders and bums to crap in the streets. Your cronies raked in billions off the backs of taxpayers. Jerry’s failed Choo-choo train gobbled up billions and is about as relevant now as fleas on a cow’s behind… Don’t lecture and pontificate about anything being ‘poignant’ regarding society, remember: Dems = party of: 1) Pro-Sodomite 2) Pro-baby killing 3) Incessant confiscatory taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes….(note: Repubs are not much better)