Most Californians oppose pending gender mutilation and sterilization bill

Posted on September 11, 2020 9:51 am

From Greg Burt/CFC

Sixty-four percent of California voters do not want Gov. Gavin Newsom to sign a bill to pay for transgender drugs and surgeries known to sterilize minors and adults, according to a new poll.

The survey, conducted by Spry Strategies in conjunction with the Women’s Liberation Front, shows that conservative Christians and radical feminists, who have joined forces to oppose AB 2218, are more in step with California voters than state legislators.

The controversial bill passed the Assembly 54-10 and the Senate 28-9 late last month, and now sits on Newsom’s desk awaiting his decision.

‘Leaders in Sacramento refuse to listen’

“This poll about AB 2218 confirms what we already know: leaders in Sacramento refuse to listen to the concerns of California voters, regardless of party affiliation,” said Jonathan Keller, President of California Family Council.

“Voters in the Golden State strongly oppose using taxpayer dollars to fund dangerous procedures that sterilize children and adults. Governor Newsom should listen to the people instead of giving his signature to mutilating surgeries and amputations.”

The poll asked a random sample of 600 likely California voters the following question several weeks ago:

“California lawmakers are currently debating Assembly Bill 2218, which would establish a “Transgender Wellness Fund,” a taxpayer-subsidized fund to pay for sex-change surgeries and hormones that cause sterilization for minors and adults. Generally speaking, do you strongly approve, somewhat approve, somewhat disapprove or strongly disapprove of this legislation?”

Here is how the voters responded:

  • Strongly approve 12.73%
  • Somewhat approve  18.32%
  • Somewhat disapprove  13.7%
  • Strongly disapprove 50.51%
  • Unsure or No Opinion 4.75%

The survey has a margin of error of +/- 4.0 percentage points.

Californians more conservative than legislators

The Spry Strategies survey also revealed California voters have other beliefs on gender issues that lean more conservative than the legislators representing them.

For example, the state legislature recently approved SB 132, a bill that gives biological male inmates, who identify as women, the right to be housed in correctional facilities designated for biological women.

Those who disagreed with this bill outnumbered those who agreed, 47 percent to 38 percent. SB 132 is also on Governor Newsom’s desk.

On the question of whether males who identify as transgender be allowed to compete in girls’ and women’s athletics, the overwhelming majority, 75 percent, say no.

The same number of likely voters, 75 percent, oppose allowing transgender-identified children to undergo sex-change surgeries or take potentially sterilizing hormones while they are under the age of 18, but this is currently legal in California.

Newsom has until September 30 to make a decision regarding AB 2218.

Greg Burt is director of capitol engagement for the California Family Council and can be reached at [email protected] or (949) 244-2080. For more information, visit the CFC site.

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Mic J Palazzolo
Mic J Palazzolo
2 years ago

Leaders? My a**. Why does naturally sane conservatives continue to dignify
this psychotic debaucherous excrement with honorary titles. No honor here.
No, Joe Biden is NOT a Vice President. He is a FORMER Vice President.

2 years ago

Evil comes in many forms. To push one Bill that allows transgender procedures on children as young as 12 without parental consent or knowledge and push a separate Bill to charge it to the public…. well now. I will not set foot in the state of California, evil is as evil does.

2 years ago

Well you citizens may be against things, but your judges always know better. You cannot vote for what you KNOW is right when you have first voted in DEMoRATS who will overrule you with the judges they appoint. You all do not understand the way things work and yet say the rest of the world should follow you? LOL Flyover country gets the same treatment from the DEMONcraps they put in, but yet are smart enough vote them out when they do these things. Not so in Commiefornia. Why is it those poor old farm dummies without proper edumacashuns understand… Read more »

2 years ago

I’ll trade reparations for sterilization. Win-win.

2 years ago

California voters, Newsom doesn’t care what you want. You voted away your choices already. Merry Christmas!! You’re getting exactly what you wanted.

2 years ago

75% on any issue is A LOT; almost impossible to find. Good to know that the public likely and rightly sees AB2218 as a Frankenstein’s Monster bill. Newsom had better pay attention, because for one thing, this stuff has received national attention, which I doubt he wants. If he plans to sign it he will likely wait until Sep 30 at the stroke of 11:59 p.m. and slink into a dark room unobserved to do it.