Santa Monicans, Please sign the NO confidence in Mayor Sue Himmelrich petition

Posted on June 10, 2022 4:13 am

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11 hours ago

Is that some sort of legal process to remove her or is it sheeple feelgoodnickism?

Jon Berg
Jon Berg
8 days ago

Please folks, keep signing! On tonight’s walk downtown, I saw a woman sprawled out in front of the McDonald’s near the pier. In front of her spread all around were her “possessions”, including, I saw, the white plunger part of a syringe. Drug paraphernalia, in plain sight of all who walked past her a block from the famous pier. Sue Himmelrich has no shame. She refuses to admit her role in bringing formerly world-famous Santa Monica into the slum by the sea that it currently is. I apologized to a pair of Swiss visitors, clearly horrified by what they saw… Read more »

12 days ago

another failure…folks reap who they voted for….how much longer does it take to give them the D..N BOOT???

Jon Berg
Jon Berg
21 days ago

Dictator Himmelrich may possibly be even worse than Kevin McKeown when it comes to destroying Santa Monica, the new slum by the sea. It has truly never looked worse. Even the trash is no longer picked up. I guess the city is out of money since it needs to spend that money on Pride Month decorations and projects. To h*ll with keeping libraries open, and picking up trash. And of course, Himmelrich needs hundreds of thousands of dollars, millions, actually, in order to properly coddle the vagrants who are attracted here from all over the nation. Never seen so many… Read more »

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